April 29, 2014

Next Remix Project

Hello friends and fellow artists.

Those of you who are familiar with our work probably know that we love to take the songs we’ve written and reinvent them. We did this with the Young Love Remix EP and we are currently working on something similar with Fantasize.

The process has been amazing so far and we are really really excited about releasing the remixes this summer for your audible pleasure. :)

We are also really excited to announce a participation opportunity!

In the coming week we will be providing the vocal stems for a few selected tracks off of the Fantasize album for you to remix. We will be taking submissions throughout the month of May and then we will choose our favorite track to be included with the rest of our remixes on the forthcoming remix EP. The artist(s) of the track we choose will also receive $500 for their efforts.

Even though we’re calling it a remix album, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a synth/dance track …[although it could be :) ] We want you to have the freedom to do whatever you’re inspired to do.

We are really excited to see what’s going on musically in your heads!

If you are interested, please email kyekyeremix@gmail.com to get a link for the vocal stems. And please pass this information along to anyone you know that might want to participate as well!

Thank you everyone!

xoxo – Kye Kye

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