October 28, 2014

“Her (Remix)” (Official Video) + Behind The Scenes

We had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite director’s Marty Martin (http://www.themartymartin.com) on this video. It was a long time in the making and one of the hardest, most rewarding shoots we’ve ever been a part of. Marty is a director that we’ve admired for years and years now and began chatting with him about a year and half ago about collaborating on a video. The opportunity came around the time our remix album was in the works and we started to listen through the songs and get a vibe for which song we felt like we wanted him to get his creative vision on. After some conversation we all decided that “Her (Remix)” was  the perfect one! We had a loose vision of what we wanted it to be, but knew, with the vibe of the song, we wanted a very textural video. Something that conveyed the airy, chill, yet danceable visuals. We absolutely love Marty’s background in the abstract world and his ability to create the “other worlds” within stories and visual palates. When we sat down to talk about visual elements and what the song is about, Olga mentioned “the song is about a story dear to my heart and how I grew up watching and loving many classic fairytale cartoons.” With us all talking about those old fairytale vibes, Marty began and he did an absolutely phenomenal job captivating the viewer so they feel enveloped in this fairytale world. Below is a little bit of background and behind the scenes into the thought and making of this video from Marty:


“I had wanted to work with Kye Kye for quite some time and was really excited when I could finally commit to doing this video with them. Because I was busy on several other projects we didn’t have much time to conceptualize, so we really embraced this idea of experimenting in the moment with whatever resources we had around us; an approach I continually tell my peers terrifies me, but looking back on my portfolio, it turns out this is how I tend to work. It’s just that, being as hands on as I am (directing, shooting, editing, you name it…) the amount of responsibility in just “figuring something out on the fly” can be daunting, albeit one that forced Kye Kye and I to really just let loose and try anything that came to mind. So, with one camera, one light, an unwieldy 80lb fan, my producer, and Kye Kye, we set off on a rather odd creative adventure where one random idea would lead to the next, and before we knew it, I wanted to film a golden apple and it all kind of started making sense. For four or five days the shoot was an exercise of embracing each moment and allowing every idea to fuel the next, hoping that something cohesive would coalesce naturally.

I had a few tonally-driven ideas I hoped to accomplish from the onset; something ethereal, maybe a hint of an 80′s vibe. Olga’s Estonian background and affinity for Russian fairytales put us right in sync and conjured amazing images from artists I love such as Mucha, Dulac, Klimt and Dali. We also discussed an underlying theme Olga had in mind; temptation. And being that I’m a huge fan of understanding the subconscious, our ideas organically blended into a dream-borne fantasy starring Olga as her own temptress. The idea of us all struggling with temptation, running from it, denying it, and ultimately realizing that temptation is an internal battle between various facets of one’s own self…. this idea – as loosely represented as it is in the video – was eventually what pushed me forward by the time I was cutting the video.

By the time post production came around we had definitely shot too much material for one music video and the new challenge came down to letting the pieces naturally fall into place. In production we had pushed this idea of “no story” but inevitably I think a narrative will form itself whether you want it to or not. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I spent a long time staring at my computer screen literally trusting that something would come together, because at one point I really had no clue how it would happen. Finishing the video was a combination of patience, frustration, inspired moments, and shooting additional footage of VFX elements that I let my 3 kids help me with.

All in all, I’m pleased with the results, but it’s not really for me to decide. My goal throughout the entire process was to deliver something representative of a different side of Kye Kye as authentically as possible and in the process, I was lucky enough to forge a truly awesome relationship with the band and I definitely hope to collaborate with them on their next album.”


This video was one of the most physically and emotionally daunting video projects that we’ve been a part of, but it will go down in the memory books as one that created amazing relationships and memories as a result. Below are some Behind the Scenes shots from the “Her (Remix) video shoot.

If you haven’t seen our video for “Her (Remix)” you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiCBskHBGAE

xoxo – Kye Kye

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