I Already See It
You and I
It doesn’t come at once
You and I
See for yourself where it goes
Sit and stare, take your time, I already see it
Fantasize, Fantasize
For everything to fall into picture
You and I
It doesn’t come at once
You and I
See for yourself where it goes
Speak, I’ll wait
Subtle breeze in quiet patterns
I realize, realize
Soak it in
Love is accepted.

Honest Affection
I never knew that I was so harsh
With things I thought I wasn't afraid of
I never knew that I was so scared
To change because of honest affection
Over your words
Stuck on your heart
A part of me just wanted to know
But the other part was always so wasted
My heart was always made to be still
To wait because you promised you'd save it
I never knew I was in a place
Hiding to avoid any signals
I close my eyes and picture your face
And see a look I never envisioned.

I still yearn to be love without a need to please, help me, help me
Silent crave to have childish peace while weary things haunt me, haunt me
Like falling in my sleep
People, it’s taking forever
I’ve tried to connect with her, but now she's gone
Priceless is what draws attention
What kind of affection is making a mark with us?
Strained love, lost fire, missed mark
A hurried pace won’t frame
Anything to last
They see my heart
They keep away.

Blank earth meets weight pity and fear
Glass-clear thoughts for the shortest slight moments
Pure birth seems I’m furthest from it
Does the light just disguise you
Or can you be found in it?
Letting go, carry us away
Close your eyes, to see what it really means
Effortless hands to hold on to peace
Drink it in, desire hit me so sweet
Guard it most
From dark distractions
Driven by a mood that takes over when you lose yourself
Is it you, to hold on to an image
Of shadows you remember?
Will it turn into truth?
Slow flow, will it show?
You’re afraid to let it go
Winter it won't last
Watch, the sun is bleeding out.

Scared or Selfish
Gone, with my pride
Scared I’ll never know who you are
But I’ll try to realize what you've said and I’ll try to erase my fear
Scared or selfish who are you?
Blame myself for what I use
I want to have you
I want to have you
Slip as I think, become everything that I speak
So I’ll try to recreate what you see and I’ll try to embrace this whole.

Dreams (2am)
Heaven in a way
How these lights they lead
Calm through December I wait
So then I know
I never said I was never tired
You said wake up in the morning
You said oh oh oh oh oH oH
Push, with a heart, with a weight
With all you see and
Push with a heart, with a weight
With the mind that knows the one narrow road
What you said is right, I’ll never walk away.

Weak or bold
What will last?
Mind is strained
You think too fast
Scared to move
Weary eyes
Trouble you
To walk into circles
Waiting for the seasons
The darkest attacks
Darkest attacks, darkest attacks
Forgetting all the reasons
You used in the past, used in the past
This is mine
Focus right
Dirty lies
Use up time
Beat it all
Push it back
All the false and
Tainted illusions.

Peace, in waves I feel it light, in waves I feel it hiding me in what you see
Peace, in ways that calm my mind, I sense that over everything you think of me
Wait, won’t you, wait on it
What you've got, won’t stop
Wait, lover, wait on it
All you've got will only carry on
Fresh, a new alluring side, I’m leaving thoughts that cling to me and make me cry
Rest, a way that intertwines, with pleasant things and memories that set me free
I know your part
Fight for us
I know you'll stay
I am lost in ways, your arms they hold me right
Softly, hold me
Peaceful, lately.

Dust to illustration
Stranger to deception
Silhouette in color
Love is all I followed
She has got me running
Faster than the wind blows
Sorrow without silence
Built the walls that hid you
Oh your hands, I cried when I lost them
Tears falling, touching the surface
Oh I'm afraid of losing the time
Oh I can’t stay, oh can’t I stay
Fleet-footed walk I danced HOW I knew it
How would it be in years when we are saved from this?

Hiding Place
Palace walls, walking down, warmer air, greener ground
This is my hiding place
Perfect scenes and perfect sounds
Flawless faith, a gentle hope
Words that build beautiful walls
That have open doors
Give it time, give it time
Patience sits on my lips
All of this waiting to grow
Focused eyes, use my time
Perfectly falling in line
This is how it starts inside, it seeps through
This way, this way
This way it will last
This way, this way
This way it will last
Over this, another dose for another glimpse
To change it all with my dreams of bliss
Another hit
Another hit
Sight to slit to pieces, all the plans to blame to death
A way to open up a heart to it
Wide awake, wide awake.

Young Love


Is this it?
Is it so simple, my God?
Home I found, I found you now

I broke in the silence
to repeat what I’ve done in the past won’t change me
I broke when you told me
I could try all the time
but my ways won’t change me

We tried this, but we failed
we know this but we’re too blind to see
that there is freedom within me
your life brought light for all to see

When I was lost so I, so I thought
that I was searching all alone
like I was lost so I didn’t know
what I was keeping all along

I knew from the moment my mistakes all stood out
your light’s my only safety
oh all the times that I didn’t look your way
look what I was missing lord you fill in every space
that I replaced instead of you

Revived us, we will sing
restored us, you are the source to breath
ignite us to a need to bury everything I never want to be

Introduce Myself
Introduce myself, when I saw your heart  
to death I died I don’t want loss to be my guide
took me in yourself, so in your eyes I’m not flawed
I’m new in life

Love and sight is what you granted
trust inside so we believe     
I lay outside this very night
to dream of what you’ve done for me

Bliss, it’s not what I’ve done
it’s you that died and made loss so full of life
friend, is it love I hear?
to have your words in my mind, it’s so clear

Hands, is it worth my work?
if it’s not with your eyes, what is it worth?
love, is it worth my time?
cause if it’s not from your heart it’s from my mind

To the rooftops I will go, i’ll shout it from the windows I am saved.
Oh the bright shade of dawn, it’s soothing, reminds me you’re here with me, you’re here with me
I see the line it’s been about a moment and I’ve crossed with both feet I’m in
you are within
a life with a smile, a weight that won’t stay,
a love to go miles, never pushed away

Hear your voice when you’re calling
Found a place, a home for you

Lord, you know where I’ve been, you just take me in
I fight with a given end
I know I know then, take a step, walk the line,
no matter the time, ?I am yours, you are mine, forever and ever
So to the mountains we will run our light on the hilltops they will see
Oh the world through your eyes,
it’s moving its waiting for us to see

Knowing This
perfect father
you have revealed my heart’s cover
under such radiant lights
perfect lover
you have pierced my fear asunder
sealed flawless

Dearest you’ve painted me,
what was I waiting for?
the colors are all I see
it was all there before    
this light is all I see
you never lost me, love

Fall, how it fell from me
scathed oh so permanently
sunk, how it sank from me
deep, where it once tried taking me
words, they were words just to be breath
but now they sing for you

Walking This
Closest friend, I’m lost in love,
to know what you’ve done and why it’s solved
this perfect love, i’m dressed in grace
to hear your voice in truth displayed

Elude myself my heart aligned
weightless steps, wind through the chimes
know who I am, through you I find
peace of mind

I’m a river that’s meant for flowing
I’m a moon that’s meant for lighting the night
I’m the wind that’s loud and soaring
I’m a tree that’s tall and growing
I’m a fire that lights whatever’s in sight
I’m the rain that’s fast and pouring.

Tamed tongue, you’re the words in my head
you’re a soft drum I hear, I can’t wait
i’m nourished by the steps that I take
I find it in the way that you gave … you gave

Trees and Trust
You chased my heart so I could see,
but I stood unacceptable.
you called my name with infinite time
and I lost sight so easily

then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness
“oh my love, you’re my child, take all these good things, soften your heart”.

Lord help me, Help me remember  
flesh is weak, my spirit’s strong,  
dressed the trees you saw their splendor
more to you, love I am more.  

You found me as an empty room,
walls with holes
so eagerly to say “oh love you own It all”
Inside of me, flows out of me.

then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness
“oh my love you’re my child, take all these good things, soften your heart”.

Walk with me, tell me the width and depth of the raging sea,
the deepest blue could never define you

Went About
Touch, a breathing witness
grasp, the end from the beginning
key to bind and bound
to mend all the broken hearts surrounding us
Watch it grow, the word, fights from the ground to breathe
  a heart, that runs, to free all because of

Oh unbreakable love soothing light created from this

Rush I know it’s true
fire power
you showed what I could do
signs and wonders
love it pushes through
we’re no longer
love it rushes through
fear dies under

Speak, words believing
hold, the end from the beginning
trust a trail unseen  
to see all the broken hearts surrounding us
Watch it grow, the word, fights from the ground to breathe
a heart, that runs, to free all because of  

Peace Song
Garden full of the brightest range of colors, oh the sight is something I know
room full of family and friends, hear the laughter ?oh this sound is something I know
familiar roads with my windows rolled down ?oh the smell is something I know

but you gave life so not the way I thought
you gave love so not the way I knew

There is no weeping,
there is no sorrow,
you’re holding me now ?there’s no rules to follow
  I know who you are now
i’m running a different way
so overwhelmed
by you Jesus

Eleven years old there was pride running my shoulder
was a brick too hard to break
resisting the cold she’s a young and humble mother
in a park she sits and waits
but when I looked into her eyes guess what I recognized
a love too strong to fake it

love you waited so patiently
for all this to finally hit me

“Brother, I am old”, he says, old
lying on the floor with no confidence
fighting for the right to be told
that everything is well when you’re all alone

Way back way back
the time that they said goodbye
lonely lonely
always the same routine
hide them hide them
21 years this bad
burn them burn them
would you forget all that

Sleeper he awakes when he knows
when something that is said, it is said for real
a heart it never fights when it’s told
no matter what was done you are always loved

My Sight
Thoughts of cloth that lay on stone
I am watching a cross that bled
alone to be the only valley of trust and hope we know
we envision that place then watch it flow through us

Your words
Are my sight

Trails we walk then see them glow