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Debut Album Young Love

The combined efforts of talented individuals paid the way for a debut album that stands to be the perfect description of Kye Kye and how they went on to become a revolutionary band that created a difference for good.



Did you know?

Kye Kye’s first studio album, “Young Love,” was released independently, and they did not receive the kind of backup that other mainstream bands enjoy. However, their second LP, “Fantasize,” changed things for the better and helped them become successful.

Kye Kye’s Music Upcoming Film Day One

Chad Michael Murray

With music all around the corner, actors and top performances are also a part of the list, and one can get to see Chad Michael Murray.

Kat Dennings

Bringing in the perfect touch of talent and art, Kat Dennings is another name that is bound to lead the way forward and make matters head in the right direction.

Olga’s Enchanting and Wispy Vocals

Capturing the essence of the band and all that it puts to the table begins with Olga Yagolnikov’s voice as it captures everything that you need to know about Kye Kye.


  • “It is always a pleasure to either talk about Kye Kye or listen to their songs on loop. So any experience in this regard is something that I will look forward to.”

    Kenny M Perryman

    “Understanding the scope and the length to which they perform is bound to make things happen, and I have managed to achieve everything.”

    Carey G Miller

    “It is quite hard to refuse any form of exploration that moves ahead to understand Kye Kye and the beautiful music that they put into the world.”

    Nellie T Woodard

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Pop Artists

Top 90s Pop Artists

Millennials have surely had a great childhood, especially with the songs they were introduced to. Music possesses the power to shape an entire generation, and it indeed has been doing so for many decades. The tunes of a decade define the people of that age. Every era has had legends in various genres, but the 90s is a different scene altogether. Many artists made an indelible mark in the listeners with the beats and the crescendo. Bands and solo artists dove deeper into the field of music to explore the areas that have received less traction.

Thousands of musicians are being produced every year, but not all of them emerge from the challenges with flying colors. Only resilient artists can gain a firm position in the field of music, and they also need to keep evolving by updating themselves with new technologies. The last decade of the 20th century had generated massive waves in the market with the peppy and melodious tracks created by some of the greatest artists of all time. The pop scene has also developed into a whole new space of innovative ideas. Here is a list of the best pop artists in the 90s.

Backstreet Boys

Not one soul would be oblivious of the chart-toppers of this great band. It is a boy band that rose to popularity to the end of that decade, and the rest was history. Though the band was inactive over the past several years, they returned to the genre in 2019. They have been the trendsetters for more than two decades now by breaking the boundaries of music with ‘Show Me the Meaning’ and ‘Everybody.’

Spice Girls

This English girl group was formed in 1994, conquering the hearts of millions of boys worldwide. These girls were primarily successful between 1996 and 2000 but have been in the ears of the listeners with 'Forever.' Spice Girls returned in 2016 for a reunion no one anticipated.

Ace of Base

Formed in Sweden in 1990, Ace of Base is a pop group that emerged into the huge scene with some basic tracks. The Swedish band’s original line-up had garnered a whole lot of fans that didn't stay intact through the years.


This American boy band is either called NSYNC or 'N Sync and was formed in Orlando in 1995. All the artists in this band were signed in Germany with a team that supported them throughout their careers.

funk rock


Hanson is a funk-rock group but also a pop-rock group, only because they are two different bands based in different locations. The one we focus on is the latter; they have managed to gain a great position in the industry with their various creations.


This Canadian soul and pop group achieved success in the late 90s in Canada and the U.S. They were primarily active from 1993 to 2005 and went on to become one of the most popular groups with "Ooh, It's Kinda Crazy” and “Faded.”